Land Rover Series III (1971 1985)

Sep 13th

These are Land Rover Series III, one of legend car in world history. Military and police used this vehicle for trainning or real war. I’ve not own this model yet.  I don’t know, maybe my money not much. But, my friend who is hobby for this car, advice me to join with him to buy. His is the hobbist. He like Land Rover very much. Honestly I not really like this design, because the car is profuse. They are too expensive for me. But I’m sure it proportional to performance and power. I respect this model as the masterpiece.


Production : 1971–1985
Body and chassis
Body style  : 2-door Off-road vehicle, 4-door Off-road vehicle, 2-door pickup
Engine  : 2.25 L 73 hp (54 kW) I4 (Petrol), 2.25 L 62 hp (46 kW) I4 (Diesel), 2.6 L 86 hp (64 kW) I6 (Petrol), 3.5 L 91 hp (68 kW) V8 (Petrol)
Transmission :  4-speed manual main transmission, 2-speed manual transfer gearbox, Selectable 4-wheel drive
Wheelbase : 88.0 in (2,235 mm) (SWB), 109.0 in (2,769 mm) (LWB)
Length : 142.4 in (3,617 mm) (SWB), 175.0 in (4,445 mm) (LWB)
Width : 66.0 in (1,676 mm)
Height : 77.5 in (1,968 mm) (SWB), 81.0 in (2,057 mm) (LWB)

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Land Rover Series III As Your Collection

We know exactly that collecting classic car is one way to get new concept for home ideas. Maybe that is not too determined for home improvement. But, our garage, as a part of home, should be upgraded. With garage remodeling, making new flooring, walling, change old garage door with automatic door open, in other case we should to repainting. But, the other important thing is to adding garage collection. Our current car is used as daily car, maybe we should add a collection car for decorate our garage. This Land Rover Series III is one option to add your collection.

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In many countries, hunting and collecting this Land Rover Series III is interesting hobby. There is another pleasure and satisfaction when we have this car in our garage. People will know you as good person. Collecting classic car is classy lifestyle. Need more cost and high efforts. But, of course it is fair for the result. We will happy for it. Prove it!